My (mobile) photography workflow with the iPad Pro

Finally feasible – this is my conclusion of using the iPad Pro in my photography workflow. Since iOS 13 brought some much needed upgrades (especially to the files app), transferring RAW files to the iPad, editing them and again syncing them back to the Mac is possible without much hassle – I’ll describe how. In […]

Editing RAW photos on an iPad Pro – the hurdles

The iPad Pro could be the perfect companion in a mobile photography workflow. Unfortunately the software is holding the powerful hardware hostage, especially when editing RAW files straight out of camera. I got myself an iPad Pro 11″ when it first came out circa a year ago. My hope was to utilize it in several […]

London Photo Spots

At the beginning of July I had the opportunity to travel to London for three days. An – to this point – unknown city for me was waiting to be visually explored.

Project 365: Top 10 photos

It is difficult to select just ten photos from a whole year that have already been filtered down to their best one each day. This list is a mix of personal favourites, best memories and good technical images.

Project 365: Flop 10 photos

Over the course of the year with „A photo a day“ I shot some photos with which I’m really unsatisfied with. I collected the worst ten (in my opinion).

Project 365: A look back

A year long photographic journey is over. I took one photo every day for the last 366 days in a project I initially thought wouldn’t last that long. Sit back, relax and review the last year with me.

Project 365: Light In The Dark Series

Halftime is over. For over 195 days I’ve been constantly taking a picture a day. But the last weeks have been tough. I’ve been struggling with the pictures and absence of light.

Project 365: First Summary

Three weeks have passed, since I started the experiment and challenge to take a photo a day for one year. I’m taking the chance before my vacation to summarize and note down some observations over this time.