London Photo Spots

At the beginning of July I had the opportunity to travel to London for three days. An – to this point – unknown city for me was waiting to be visually explored.


In preparation for the trip I went through several (photography and travel) blogs in search for some cool photo spots that I could visit. The most interesting ones (judged from afar) made it into the map below. It was my first trip to London that’s why the obvious touristic places are included as well.


After creating the map on uMap I imported the KML data into on the iPhone. has offline maps, which is nice if you don’t want to use roaming data. Unfortunately it has (or at least had) no support for lines, only markers. Else I would have drawn some photo walks onto the map.

In London I could use this map to plan the day trips or check if a spot is near me. Over the course of the three days I checked most of the spots, while leaving the ones further away out.


Photo book

Preserving memories is important and I fell in love again with physical prints and books. That’s why I ordered a softcover book on Artifact Uprising with a selection of photos.

It’s a nice little coffee table book (20 sheets, 40 pages) with a thicker card cover that feels very nice.

London Impressions

Map data

If you know cool photo spots in London hit me up on Twitter, send me a picture and I’ll add a marker to the map. Go and explore London for yourself: download the KML data ( London Photo Spots) of the map above.

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